Moussa Tiba

Born in Cana, Lebanon Moussa Tiba (1939-2014)  graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Beirut in 1961. He traveled to London, Italy, Spain, North Africa, and Canada and had over fifteen solo exhibitions and twenty group shows before he began his second fine arts degree in Rome.

In Cana, his family house was converted into a museum that pays homage to his works and also exhibits artists such as Shafic Abboud, Halim Jurdak, and Hussein Madi. He exhibited worldwide and is part of pubic and private collections such as the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Chartres; Institute du Monde Arabe, Paris; British Museum, London; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; and UNESCO in Beirut.

Artworks by Moussa Tiba

  1. L’homme qui marche
  2. The Earth

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