What is ZAAT

ZAAT is a multi-disciplinary platform created to promote and empower artists and designers. By offering a place for collectors to buy, sell and trade work that ranges in styles, movements and eras, ZAAT then reinvests into showcasing and supporting the production of contemporary work. Coming from the Arabic root meaning, one, essence, self, ZAAT upholds the integrity of the art and artists.

Specializing in art from the Arab world, ZAAT is a digital platform that also curates events, advises clients interested in buying new work and consults on currently owned pieces. The platform is continually expanding with new artists and seeks out designers with social narratives and ethical production.

Conceived as a place to connect art enthusiasts and artists together, ZAAT aims to make art more approachable and understandable while supporting artists.


Lara Hajj Salman founded ZAAT out of her enthusiasm and experience in art and design. In 2005, Lara started a furniture and home accessories company, where she began selling to outlets and curating design events in the region and beyond. In 2008, she became the primary consultant for "La Maison de l'Artisan” the national center for Lebanese handicrafts, working with local artisans to create new designs using traditional craftsmanship. In 2017, she wanted to hone her marketing and business skills within the arts and completed a certificate in Arts Management at École Superieure des affaires (ESA). Working as a consultant with private collections, Lara conceived of ZAAT to promote contemporary Arab artists while providing an open platform for the buying and selling of new and previously owned works.