Kamal Boullata

An artist and art historian, Kamal Boullata (1942- 2019) created work in which the Palestinian identity and the conditions of exile form the basis of his artistic explorations. He graduated from the Academy of Rome and the Corcoran Art Museum School in Washington, DC. His works are found in both private and public collections, including the British Museum, London; the Museum of the Alhambra, Granada; Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris; New York Public Library, New York; Bibliothèque Louis Notari, Monaco; Zimmerli Art Museum, New Brunswick; and Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Amman.


Artworks by Kamal Boullata

  1. Third Quartet, Opus 3
  2. Second Quartet, Opus 3

Collections featuring Kamal Boullata

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