Palestine, Lebanon

Juliana Seraphim

Juliana Seraphim (Jaffa,1934) was among the first waves of Palestinian refugees to move to Lebanon in 1952. She worked in refugee relief while attending art classes and training with the painter Jean Khalifié.

Seraphim was awarded scholarships to France, Italy and Spain and represented Lebanon in the Biennale of Paris, the Biennale of Alexandria and the Biennale of Sao Paulo. Her work has been shown internationally in institutions such as: Museum of the City of Viareggio, Italy; The “Musée du suréalisme”, Paris; The National Gallery, Amman; Sursock Museum, Beirut; Museum of the Arab World Institute, Paris; Barcaccia Art Gallery, Rome; Chenill’s Gallery, London 1967; Smithsonian Institution, Washington; Imperial Museum of Tokyo; and Belvedere Museum, Tunis.



Artworks by Juliana Seraphim

  1. Pour TS Elliot

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